MTK Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Established in August of 2004, MTK Financial focuses on solutions and services for the financial problems every person experiences as they approach and live their retirement years. The process at MTK Financial starts with a foundation based on solid Estate Planning concepts commonly used but specifically engineered to each person and family.  Looking at a new client’s situation and listening to their needs and goals, a plan is forged using state of the art financial tools and services.

Pueblo, Colorado Financial Planning

Additionally, we have those that come to us with very specific needs we can accommodate. They include a broad array of financial planning offerings that include:

Fund Management

Utilizing safe money management tools to protect financial resources while growing the funds efficiently. Our clients do not want their funds to be at risk yet still grow appreciably.

Income Planning

Knowing you have the income needed to live comfortably is vital to peace of mind and quality of life. We have the tools to provide that.

Tax Planning

Our tax laws are full of ways to enjoy what you have earned and saved without feeling the over burden of taxes due. We have the tools and experience to find your solution.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a financial safety net for our health we can appreciate. Medicaid spend down is a real problem when qualifying for coverage. Let us help you protect your assets as you navigate this process.

Long Term Care Plans

As the use of in-home care and facility care increases, our need for this planning is undeniable. This is a common need and we have the current tools to prepare you and your family.

VA Aid and attendance

A clear senior lifestyle benefit for those that have served our country. Still, it can be complicated and frustrating. We can help with that.

Retirement Planning

Everyone knows about it. Everyone plans to get to it one day. We are here to lay the tracks and maximize your efforts. It is vital to get started so you know you are ready!

We work with and serve those in our community we can help.  That said, we specialize in serving and planning for our senior community.  Our safe money management practices offer guarantees on your resources that can not be found anywhere else.  Our customer service accommodates those with active lifestyles as well as those that have life challenges keeping them at home. 

MTK Financial Services