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Pre-Planning Checklist


---Assign a power of attorney in the event of serious illness or death, to be sure information can be attainable.  Assign a reliable power of attorney for a living will and healthcare so your wishes may be carried out.

---Prepare an emergency contact list of individuals who need to be notified in the event of an emergency or death.

---Designate a trusted person and give them a list of important account information and phone numbers for retirement plans, insurance policies, safe-deposit boxes, properties, investments, bank accounts, law and accountant firms, and mortuaries. 

---If you are recieving benefits, your trusted representative also needs to call the Social Security Administration and/or the Veteran's Administration.

---Make sure to cancel telephone, utility, newspaper, and magazine services.

---If you have pets, make arrangements to have them find a new home.

---If you would like an obituary, be sure to write one or jot down information you would like to be included.

---Decide where memorial and obituary information will appear.

---Determine whether Medicaid spend down is necessary (we can help preserve your assets).

---Determine whether Veteran's Administration benefits are available through aid and attendance.

---Specify the type of service and burial you prefer and make provisions.

---Designate speakers and eulogies for your service.

---Decide which churches or organizations will benefit from any memorial donations.

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