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How will my family pay for my funeral?
Will they know what my final wishes are?

What would I do if I were no longer able to make healthcare decisions for myself?
Who would I want to make them for me?

         Legacy Safeguard: How to Prepare

What makes MTK different?  At MTK, we value our clients and realize a key to a comfortable retirement is security in knowing your assets are safe.  We provide planning services that safeguard your assets while providing the most efficient use of your resources for you and your heirs.

Whether you are just starting out, facing retirement, or a senior we provide planning services that involve income planning, estate planning, funeral planning, veteran benefit planning, tax planning, wealth accumulation and wealth transfer.  MTK can help you achieve your financial goals.  Would you like to learn more? Click here for a pre-planning checklist. Let us help make your financial future enjoyable and secure!

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